High-quality materials

ANTOON apparel is made of high-quality materials such as linen, silk, yak wool, cashmere, PIMA cotton and bamboo, fabrics and knits with a pleasant wearing comfort.

Sustainable and social

Through years of cooperation with its producers, ANTOON knows the production methods and working conditions on the shop floor. Because ANTOON purchases directly from the producer, there is a shorter route from producer to consumer and the collection is available at fair prices

At the moment, most of the ANTOON collection is sustainably and environmentally responsible. We aim to be fully sustainable within the foreseeable future. ANTOON also meets all requirements of the International Labor Standards .


• Selects only selected quality fabrics
• Consists of timeless designs
• Is often sustainable and environmentally friendly
• Has a short route from producer to customer
• Has years of experience with the same manufacturers
• Is available for a fair price